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Value-Added EDI software solution

idex24 is a value-added EDI transfer solution that enables ocean carriers and asset owners to receive EDI from global depots, factories, ports and terminals in a unified manner.

idex24 is an EDI software which is a hosted service backed up by a 24/7 support. This EDI software is aimed for the compilation of information from all over the world at different time zones using different methods. The idex24 EDI software achieves this with the use of latest technology. idex24 does not require any changes in the IT environment of the users.

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Core Depot Operations

  1. Maintain Gate Movements and Gate Pass
  2. Maintain container details: schedule activity and track history
  3. Option to reserve/block containers before Gate Out
  4. Perform inspection

Container Maintenance & Repair Operations

  1. Photo and document upload option
  2. Tariff-based repair estimate creation (standard, customer, agent-based tariff)
  3. Manage repair estimates & approval

Automated EDI Generation

  1. ANSI EDI (default format) and Custom EDI (available on demand)
  2. Bulk email and print EDI, EDI Generation Settings
  3. Configure email settings per customer

Reporting & Billing Capabilities

  1. Easy container tracking, automated daily activity summary
  2. Dashboard and customized reports
  3. Schedule-based billing
  4. Handling & Storage bills, Repair bills
  5. Raise billing against customer or any third party/ agent

Multi-location Support

  1. Suited to be scalable as your organization set-up grows


  1. Ensures error-free data to owners
  2. Choose from over hundred and fifty custom-built validations
  3. Automated validation and Alert mechanism to ensure correct/clean data from Depots
  1. Overview of assets at various locations in various stages in global depots.
  2. Critical information at a click – identify problem areas in depots worldwide.
  3. Several constraint-based reports for decision support.
  1. Send by: Email, FTP, Direct Web Uploads, Web-based Updates
  2. Receive by: Email, FTP
  1. A perfect two-way communication between Ocean Carriers/ Asset Owners and their depots. Enables  to receive Redelivery Release Authorizations and Repair Approvals in different EDI formats.
  1. Gate Moves, Load/Discharge
  2. M R: Repair estimates, approvals, completion
  3. Authorizations
  4. Tracking: Search by container no. or transmission no.
  5. Retrieval: On demand and with pre-fixed frequency
  1. Committed pro-active support to ensure customers get pre-validated data round-the-clock.

What Customers Say about iDepo

“iDepo certainly provided us the most efficient and comprehensive way of tracking and monitoring our depot’s day-to-day operations. The iInterchange Staff is both adept and kind in creating a tool that is perfectly tailored to our specifications and requirements. Their support team is highly commendable even after the product implementation.”

Lunining C. Molina

FSTA – Phillipines
Product : iDepo

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